Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 1st Day of the semester


The very 1st day of the semester,
I couldn't get myself up in the early morning so I skipped the morning class(9a.m).
Then, Wuu Cheng, Ben and I were late to the 2p.m. class due to
 we were wasting a lot of time
to find car parking. wtf.
When we reached the venue of the class( Ben said it was H1XX) ,
we were shocked because we saw many unfamiliar faces.
Then, we started recalling that we have flexbile timetable for this semester.
Thus, there are chances we are not attending the same tutorial 
 with the classmate.
We decided not to attend the classs 
since there were no more seats for us
when we looked from the windows.

We started discussing where to go when we got in the car.
Then,Ah Ben suggested to go to Malacca
and I suggested to go to Bahau (You gotta know we like to bluff!!LOL),
Ipoh (cheung K),
Teluk Intan.
Ah ben said,"Oklor, then we go to Teluk Intan.I want to see Menara Condong."
Wuu Cheng asked,"Of course we can. But I don't know how to go.
U know?"
I thought they were bluffing ...
Because none of us knew the road though Wuu Cheng is Perak people .
How shame!!haha..
I felt so excited because I have heard this place since I was young
and I know it is famous with its Chu cheung fun and Menara Condong..
My roommate Miss Wong has bought me the 猪肠粉 
when she went there with Mr.Liaw last time.
It was damn delicious and special!!
I wanna eat it again!!

We just followed the road signs
and finally reached the Menara Condong by asking the casher of Giant.
I thought it was very tall and very condong..
Mana tau it is so so nia..
We were actually quite disappointed when we saw a so "tall" tower!! T.T

So tall ler? My hand also can reach the 4th floor ler..haha

Very condong oh? ahem ahem..

We were just the way came here to took photo 
with Menara Condong.swt.
We wanted to go inside of the tower
but it was under maintanance for few days.

Moreover, it is only open for public from Tuesday to Sunday,
 start from 9a.m. to 5 p.m.
means Monday...............T.T

Pooi Ling also told me there's a very famous stall for Fruit Rojak.
I asked the guidance from the casher of Giant as well.
They told me it should be around The Store.
So we were wasting quiet a lot of petrol
just for finding the very nice "fruit rojak".

Finally, we found a stall which is selling rojak as well.

 The Lo Han Guo is quiet nice^^

 The fruit rojak was just so so..very normal like u can buy it anywhere..

 I phoned my housemate Kai Xin for asking the exactly location of
selling chu cheung fun.
Argh...She told me the rojak stall should be around the housing area
and its name is 大树下...=.=
lol..We were actually going to the wrong place..
She also didn't know how to explain to me the location of chu cheung fun.

We finally reached there...
after wasting around 1 hour to find where it is...

 Then the tauke told us,"Monday no selling ccf!"

 The lake, river or sea?
I have no idea...

 Ponteng Queen
 Wuu Cheng and Ah Ben
There are many factories which include Sime Darby as well along the way.
Goodbye Teluk Intan.
Perhaps I will come back again just for the ccf.
Who knows..wakaka..
We went to Teluk Intan from Kampar around 2.30p.m.
and reached Kampar at 7p.m.
We were actually spending more time in the car.lol

WC and Ah Ben's housemate Ah B joined us for the dinner.
Guess where we were going?
Haha..We were going to Tualang^^
Tualang is famous with the seafood.
Alex suggested us to dine in Lung Seng
since he came there before.

 Sotong (thumb up^^)
 crabs with salted eggs flavour

 Kam Heung fried prawns

vegetable (so small dish for 4 people T.T)

Overall the food is okay though the serving size is so so nia..
However, the price is damn reasonable.
Each person only had to pay around RM21.

I just got to know that we were actually going to the wrong venue
for the 2pm class.
The class is supposed to be in H2XX.
Ah Ben jotted down wrong venue so...tat means ....

However, I enjoyed my very 1st day of the new semester..
becoz I have skipped for 3 classes mah...haha...
I can imagine how miserable my life will for the next 5.5 weeks.
so many assignments (group and individual), presentation, midterms,
moral campaign, FYP, FYP VIVA presentation ....
u better kill me now...argh~T.T

The line is wtf~=.=

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blissful Moment

I know I didn't update my blog for a long time..
I know Mr.Liaw,Miss Wong and Mr.Wong are so loyal to my blog
because they are always pay a visit to my blog..
I know I know:)
becoz Mr.Liaw asked me to update my blog more often during sem break
Mr.Wong kept on commenting in my blog..I know I know:)
Thx for visiting!!I'm so happy because I know there are people actually really concern about my life. wakaka..

Here I am to update my activities during the semester break.
Okkay lar..I didn't go to too much places..
Actually , I just stayed at home watching dramas,
 reading books and went out yum cha with ma hometown friends most of the time.

The 1st week
 I just went out with my PLKN friends- Xin Yi and Yoke Ping(Zhen Zhen)
We were chit-chatting a lot and having supper at 2 places..
Fat die me T.T
I'm so glad that Xin Yi no more forcing me to know some "good guys".
Have I told u before that Xin Yi always want to introduce me some
potential boy friends ? swt..She is too kind..haha..over kind..

I also went to Seremban and PD(updated in last post)ady.

Most of the time , I just stayed at home and being slapped by the naughty niece..
Ya.It's true..She is very fierce despite she looks friendly and cute.
Don't be cheated by her innocent look, ok?!

Though u always bully me but I still love u heaps!!!!

The 2nd week
eat dinner with KOKO once.
Cheung K with Yi Ting, Wei Lun and my ji mui- Khen Eng :)
Khen Eng still remember to ask us out though he has gf ady:)
U know lar..many guys will no more contact girls 
after they are being in a relationship..
Khen Eng is totally different with them..It's worth to help him keep so many secrets throughout the years..haha..

The 3rd week

MMU holidays are same with Utarian..
Thus, I went out quiet often with Wei Lun, Kai Jun and Chen Foong.
Yum cha, sing K , climbing mountain, exercise..

 We were so tired but Kai Jun seems like very energetic and talking non-stop =.=

 Climbing mountain

 The park is no more beauty like before.
The lake is totally dry.
Last time, there were many lotus flowers grown in the lake.

 Kai Jun and Ah Foong
They said this plant look alike the plants in Avatar..LOL

Cheung K with Ah Foong, Kai Jun , Wei Lun, Koko and his friend.(all guys=.=)
Frankly speaking, I was quiet happy being out with them
because their words were quite sweet like a sugar
though I know sometimes they just wanted to say somethings good to
cheer me up..
whenever people tell me lies.
Koko, I remember u!!!hemp!!!
But still I will forgive u..becoz u are my good friend...=.=

Photos of the day:

I really love tis pair of earrings so much..Too bad it ain't mine T.T
Forgive me for being so zi lian..
Nobody loves me so I have to love myself more,right?haha..

15 October 2010
Woke up at 6a.m. and followed parents to Batu Pahat.
I have never been there before though I have heard of tis town for many times.
My dad was actually going there for working purpose.
We went to an agricultural farm which breed the spectacular fishes
 and import the fishes to abroad.
This is what we called 金龙鱼、银龙鱼
I really don't understand how a fish could cost thousands plus....

Then we had chicken rice as our lunch.
so many dishes only cost RM27..Too bad we couldn't finish the food..

My parents managed to buy some china stuffs.
My mom loved china stuff so our house fulled of 中国风 =.=
Fortunately, now she's not so into like before..

Went to eat the very famous handmade fish balls.
Frankly speaking , the food is so delicious..
The best fish balls that I have ever eaten
but the female owner was not responsible at all.
K...I'm writing blog to express my joyfulness and
not to ruin other's brand name so I will skip the story.

After that, we continued having tea break in the opposite shop
- Nanyang Kopitiam.

We were so exhausted by the time we reached home and it was ady 6p.m.
Went out at 7a.m. and back at 6p.m. =.=
What a tired journey..

16 October 2010
Before I going back to Kampar, I went out yum cha with my besties
 (Ngai Gee, Yi Ting) and the guys ( Ah Foong and Wei Lun).
Ngai Gee purposely came back for me because she miss me so much^^
Of course, I miss her too!!
Yi Ting, Mii and Ngai Ge

Do u see any thing on my cloth?
Yes!! It's an owl^^
Heart it!!

17 October 2010

Before taking my train, I went to Mid Valley alone.

 My dinner- Curry Laksa, Tau Fu Fah and Curry Puff

My all time favourite- Green Tea ice-cream

The price is quiet expensive but it's too small cone.
Don't u think so?

Selina and 俞灏明 were having accident when they were acting for
the drama《我和春天有个约会》.
Hope that they will get well soon..
It's damn serious..
More information, click here>>
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