Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BUSY August

 This August is just the way too suffer for me..
 My life is totally just dull,bored & black and white..
Everyday,I have to read so so many journals..
in order to sustain my FYP
Whenever I wake up ,
I will think about I have to read journals..
Whenever I get to bed,
I'm still thinking about the same thing
-I have loads  of  journals to be read..

The glad thing is I have a good leader
and good teammates..
Because my leader said I just have to throw whatever rubbish main points 
to another member John and he will settle them..wakaka..
Whenever I'm thinking too annoying problems,
they will try their best to answer me..
Maybe I'm just thinking everything is too difficult
while they are thinking everything is simple to do..LOL

Hope everything will be going smoothly..
and at least we can finish the 3 chapters before final comes..

Okay,I shall stop writing about too serious things..
Let's share with some more excited or at least not so serious thingy..

Got the free Artistry Swarovski bracelet with purchasing Artistry facial products..
Kinda like it ..
but now it belongs to my sister
as we made a deal that I exchange this bracelet in order to get her jacket to  be mine..
So, I got what I want and so does she..

I have been holding my 12 years old IC for more than 9 years.
Finally, I went to renew it last month
due to I wanted to change my address
and for the coming election voting purpose..
I was scary THIN when I was 12 years old..

 Time flies.
I gain weight year by year..
Now, I transformed into a chubby chubby face girl..
How sad huh?! =.=

I almost eat "板面/面粉糕” twice to thrice per week in Kampar here especially in 好运来..
I just don't know why...maybe I'm already addicted to it..
The picture above is the 板面 I tried to cook by myself..
and I could say it's totally couldn't be compared with outside one..
There's always a room for me to improve my cooking skill..
Guys,if u all know which shop is good in selling tasty 板面 in Kampar,
please suggest me
so I can have more choices..

Since I stepped into the Kampar Campus,
Utar already started its construction progress..
Now, I still have not more than one year to graduate..
The construction progress is still expand..
I just wonder there are still how many percentages to go
by the time I graduate from this campus..LOL
Hopefully most buildings are done,
so I will have the chance to utilise it.

Erm..As u've seen, most of the ceramic tiles of  the ground floor in my hostel 
shift upward..
It's quiet dangerous..
really speechless about it..
My housemate already made complaint about it..
Still, nobody comes and handle this problem..
But I guess the westlake management has to spend a lot to solve this problem..LOL
because it's costly to reconstruct it..

Not to forget about this!!
We made mooncake last Saturday..
The process was just the way to fun..
and I realised it's not difficult at all to make a proper traditional mooncake
with the ingredients prepared^^

We prepared different flavors- Pandan, Coffee,咸莲蓉and 甜莲蓉
See! I look so professional!!haha...
All of us^^

They looked and taste exactly like outside sold..LOL^^
I'm fancy of coffee flavours among all.

Today is my housemate Miss Joey's 21st birthday!!
so we have a pre-celebration for her on Sunday in advance.

Steamboat in Ipoh at 碳世界..
not bad..at least I think it's better than 任你吃 in Kampar..LOL

38 Kai Xi

Aixy and me^^
Didn't get a good sleep for a long time..

One word to describe my appearance- 残!!

Where's the birthday girl?
u may ask like that..
 Stupid Yehan hasn't uploaded all the photos to facebook
so I don't have the completes photos to show u guys here..

The virtual character I created for her..

Again, Happy birthday to my housemate Joey!!
Hope that she can find her Mr.right soon...^^

Actually, I also attended my class gathering last week..
However, the  photographer hasn't uploaded it~Again!!
so I can't share the photos here...
Shall back to read the journals..
Thanks for reading my lengthy post^^

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My little prInCe+ pRincEss

 Babies and Kids are always adorable
no matter how naughty they are..
Same goes to my niece and nephew^^

She was asleep like a pig..haha..

OMG!!¬her eye lash is so so long just like fake one!!

When she is awake,
She always find something to eat..rakus betulnya!(^@^)

Again...eating all the time~
so so cute!
chubby chubby face just like mine T.T..wakaka..
that's what we called as genetic loh..

She loves to curi-curi wear adult's shoes especially high heel shoes..
When u realised that's she was missing,
Yeap~she was wearing my shoes and go outside..
It's a bit too dangerous..
What if we do not realise she is just around the car when we are reversing the car?!!
so, we must pay attention to this chubby chubby and naughty little princess 7/24..LOL
She is very clever as she knows how to wear shoes correctly..
When I was small, I always confused the left and right shoes..OKay~I was a lil STUPID T.T

I'm sure that my nephew will be a well-looking guy when he grows up..
His eyes are so big ..
keep on rolling his eyes to left and right..
and he knows when people taking photos..

See!! The nest second he smiles to my mobile phone~LOL

Kids are always known as pure as lily..
Every single thought of them is just simplicity..
We were kids before,
but how come we seems like have a lot of vexations and a lot to bother?!
Can't we just live like a child
only knows about sleeping, eating and bathing...?
I think it's just the process that everyone must go through
in order to get ourselves become a more matured person..
Life can't be just the same..LOL
so we have to think, plan and take actions..

Recalling what my cousin had said once upon a time..
She asked," Why mankind used to be so pure when they are babies
but turned to be wrinkled face when aging..."

Life is simple but not easy..

We have to struggle forward no matter what difficulty lies in its way.
 My friends,
Let's us Gambateh together^^
Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves,
and it is tiresome for children to be always 
and forever explaining things to them.
- Le Petit Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The finale

ya...The finale episode 17 of Bad Guy was just showing this week..
I think many audiences just can't stand with the Bad Guy`s scriptwriter !!!
because...it's not a happy ending but a sad ending instead..
I have predicted it well 
as everybody in this drama live for different purposes..
To achieve their purposes-love or wealth,
they lost their moral values..
It was just a reality..

Well, perhaps I could say they were all pity and lonely one..
The mother was afraid of losing his husband's love
so she did a serious mistake in 20 years ago
which signed the beginning of the tragedy in this family.
 The biggest casualty -both Tae SungS
If u are interested in those well-known novel such as The Red and The Black,
u might like it as its storyline is a bit similar with this novel.

The bad guy actor Kim Nam Gil was enrolling as an army last week..
All the best to him
and look forward to his performance after 2 years~

I really can't wait for Seung Gi oppa's new drama
which is coming next week..

two episodes for a week is just the way too less
but it's good also as I'm running out of time for my FYP's first 3 chapters
and the most terrible thing is my final is coming soon..
Furthermore,  3 subjects are examined continuously which are on 21,22,23 September..

Besides,SS501 Kim Hyun Joong 's new MBC drama Naughty Kiss/ It started with a KISS
will broadcasts on September 1st as well.
Its chinese edition drama and its comics are my all time favourite..
I wonder whether the performance of this drama will surpass the previous one or not..
 the Taiwan edition
The main actress in this drama belongs to the new actress in bad guy Jeong Su Min. 

Not forgetting the most important one,
the first drama of Micky Yoochun participating as a actor,
  ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ will broadcasts on KBS on August 30th.

It is voted as a most anticipated show in Korea
due to the casting(Micky Micky^^) and it's based on a popular novel..LOL
I'm really beyond excited about this drama
and I believe Micky can do it well as he has the good acting skill 
which I've seen in past TVXQ's shows..

I miss him a lot!!!!!!!arg....can't wait for can't wait for it..
I'm just the way too excited..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

You could not step twice into the same river

You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.
Heraclitus, On the Universe Greek philosopher (540 BC - 480 BC)



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