Monday, April 19, 2010


They say 21st birthday is the most important ever birthday in the life...
I don't know whether it's true or not..
For me, 21 years old means that I got the key to the freedom,
the right to do any decision
which I have to responsible for the consequences
and symbolise that I'm officially an adult,
no longer a teenager anymore...

SO, I feel happy yet sad for being officially an adult now..
Happy for the freedom I got
Yet sad for being 20s....(sound old jor T.T)

As everyone is emphasizing the 21st birthday,
so that's the 1st time I received presents since I have stepped in UTAR..
The 1st present was given by my T5 classmates
 NANA a.k.a Siok Sian and SUAN MEI
before one day of my birthday
The King and The Queen
*so romantic huh?*

Then , the second gift from mt beloved TA9 classmates
Shirley, Yehan and Carmen
the handmade DIY birthday card by Shirley

a pair of earing
and my all time favourite~the necklace of  "owl" ^^

WOnder where my nickname Hedwig come from?
IT's one of the characters of the fiction HArry Potter.
HEDWIG was the owl of HArry Potter
which was the closest partner for him^^
I used to be super duper crazy for HARRY POTTER during secondary school time.
KOKO even laughed at me that he said
I should save RM1 per day
then buy a flight ticket to LONDON to find Daniel Racliffe
once I reach the amount..@@
What a stupid suggestion?!

Here are some of my collections of owl..

Not much as it's too difficult to find owl's related

 The 3rd present was given from my housemates
Hui Ying, Sui Fong, Kai Xin, Joey and Pooi Ling.

Some products such as shampoo and lotion ^^
Love it much!

The forth present

The self-drawing of me from Miaw Tze
(Chin Soon said the drawing is prettier than the real person T.T)
Every year of my birthday,
Miaw Tze also would draw the the scketch of my appearance for me^^
The 1st year (19 years old)
my favourite manga~bleach^^

The 2nd year ( 20years old)
~ she drew it on the balloon which was after that being piercing by me
( They said I could make the wishes come true by doing so wor
as they have written down their wishes for me on the balloons ~
that night I had been piercing for more than 17

Miaw Miaw kept on saying that the present she gave me was the cheapest one...
Somehow , I do not agree with her...
because I'm not a materialistic girl..
Any present that I receive,
I would treasure it to the max!!
Besides , I really love DIY present...
The best ever present I received is during my 14 years old birthday..

From my good friend Yoke Ping^^
Creative enough, right?
I guess she put a lot of time and efforts in doing the present~
I still keep it nicely after 7 years^^

So, Miaw Miaw,
I'm looking forward to my last year present ar~

The fifth present~
Dang Dang...

  Tender Kiss perfume from some of the TA9 classmates :
Joey, Pooi Ling, KAi Xin (Again, my housemates),
Yee Khai, Desmond ,Miaw Tze , Kian Tiong, Desmond, Zhi Kang and Chin Soon
(hope I didn't ommit anyone) lol
That's the first perfume that I ever have( Don't laugh at meT.T)
and I felt so happy when I received it...
Thx a lot^^ muaks~

The sixth present~

On the early morning class,
my classmate Steven Tham came forward to me
and wished me happy birhday..
then, he gave me the cup cake accessory..
It was so suprising for me to receive his present..
I never expect that he would give me a
This present is enough special
as I could open it...
Dang Dang..........

It's a lip funny lar..

The seventh present~
It's a super duper cute bear bear from my classmates Phebe and Ally ^^
so lovely, right?

Help!!! anybody could pull me out from the busuk busuk bag??
*I can be the screenwritter ady~haha*

The 8th present
from my good good classmate Hui Yee^^

The RAIN's albumS

She said she got it from somewhere last time...
and she doesn't like Rain..
so she told me very ealier that she would give me these albums
as my 21st birthday present*winks*
I'm so happy for that
as I really love RAIN so so much~
I adore Korean Pop Stars heap!!!
IT's too BAZIR that Hui Yee doesn't know how charming Rain is@@!!

The 9th present
Wooi LEong called on my birthday night around 10p.m.
and asked me to come down
and both of us chit-chatting outside the house...
He was kept on talking nonsense
and asking me weird questions
such as" How come u never been in love huh?
u don't afraid one day u won't get married even u r over 3o years old kah?
IGnore Him!!!
After he said good bye to me,
he took out the present which hide in somewhere outside the house...
Then he said,
"U think I'm really so free
and find u to chat nothingkah?"
I was totally speechless...

It's a bag from Wooi Leong , Goon Siew and Ching YI^^

I think they purposely sent it to me so late^^
They are really treat me very good
Wooi Leong
always help me to dabao burger and guide me in assignments,
Goon Siew
 always care about me
 as I mentioned in previous that she dabao food for me when I was sick
She even fetched me to train station
 which ended up that I forgot to take out the bag when I get off the car
then she, Boon Hao and Hui Yee
purposely came back for me again~
Ching Yi
fetched me to hospital when I was sick..

The 10th present and also the last present that I received in Kampar
Wuu Cheng and Ah Ben called me go to the downstair
as they were outside of my house at 11.55p.m. on 7 APRIL 2010.
They said they purposely came to my house
just for wishing me again...
I thought they wanna go yum cha with me tiam~
Then , they said goodbye to me T.T
After I went to upstair,
I heard someone get off the car..
Then the footsteps were getting closer ...
Finally, Wuu Cheng called my name and hand in the present for me lol
Dang ...Dang...
Initially, I thought it was something like mattress...
Then I confirmed it as photo frame...
But I never expected that There are photos INSIDE!!!

TOP left: Leng lui (no need to intro)
TOP right: me and baba ALEX
Bottom left : me and my best ever driver WUU CHENG
Bottom right: me and my top fan BENJAMIN

They claimed that they were thinking to buy the 4 frames's photo frame...
only went for searching and buying it...^^

That's all of my presents^^
I appreciate every single of them very much
as I know they were picking the presents for me sincerely..
SO I know I'm important for them...kaka...

Besides, I also got the present from my sister

the accessory spectacle^^
I love it as I always love red color~

I wonder that April is really a gift season ...
My cousin Ah Yun Jie Jie knows that I was so happy
to receive the weaving bottle from CHin Yee's mom...
so she bought me a book

I doubt about my ability of crocheting ....T.T
as I'm not so good in this area...
Add oil!!

LAst but not least,
my baba Alex
bought me the buah tangan
as he went to Penang and Langkawi^^

Inside got a lot chocolates and a box of  Dou SHa Bing^^
I thought my one was bigger than Wuu Cheng...
but it just same same nia...

APril is the the blissful month for me
as I know all my friends really care about me^^
I enjoy my uni life because they have lighten my dull life in Kampar~
U all are really meant a lot for me...
Love u all...muaks!!

* I know the blissful month for me might be the worst month for other person..
I hope my classmate Miss Ally and her family can go through the sadness soon and stay strong!!

~Actually I planned to write about the post of utar karaokay competition that I attended on Saturday...
It was awesome and I really like the champion and the guest performances!!
Since I have run out of time, So I might just update it after the exam is over~

No more playing facebook and blogging until the final is over T.T
Sob Sob =.=
Everyone, gambateh for the final ar!!!

Going to Ipoh for watching 初恋红豆冰 tihis afternoon^^

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Robot's birthday

13 April 2010

I think there are really lots of Ariel and April babies~
After one week of my birthday,
it was Mr. Robot a.k.a Mr. Tee Kian Tiong's birthday!!

Why would I say he's Mr.Robot ler?
As we step in the university or college,
our schedule are no more the same compare with the past..
Sometimes, we have to go out yum cha...
Sometimes, boys have to watch football match..
Sometimes, we have to rush for assignments till the dawn...
Sometimes, we have to burn midnight oil for the exam sake...
But, there is a super Healthy person ( Mr. Tee) who sleeps at 11.00p.m.
and  wakes up at 7.30 p.m. everyday...
Ya~ Everyday~
I wonder how could he be so healthy?
I really wish to learn from him..
But  I just couldn't make it...T.T

Okkay~ back to the topic...
It was his birthday~
Even though I already know him for more than 3 years...
but I have never celebrated his birthday on the exact day before...
How come huh??
That's because his birthdays were in the study week in the past,
many people include me won't stay here during study week~
So, basically, TA9 classmates were just celebrated his birthday in advance
which combine with my birthday celebration ~lol
Of course, his housemate still had celebrated for him lar....

This Time,
This Year,
Finally, all of us could celebrate his birthday on the exact day
as it was still in Week 12 :)
First, We all makan makan at the Jia Hao Yue Yuan restaurant

Birthday boy with the gals^^
The boys...

Mirror mirror in the world^^
I was busying talking with my mum in the phoneT.T

After enjoying the dinner,
 we back to Yee Khai's house..
We asked Mr.Tee went inside Yi Han's room to open the present
and put them on^^
okay lar~only boys were inside...
U thought I'm so miang meh?!
I duno who took these photos..

Then , Joey and I were holding the birthday cakes
to welcome the birthday boy.

Make wishes
*Desmond very zok ding*

I would like to show u all Mr.Tee's new image^^

Dang ..Dang...
From the top until the bottom except the underwear
were the presents given by the TA9 boys
The relationship and bond among the boys is really
I think these are the best clothes Mr. Tee has compare to the past
as he is not the type of person who emphasizes on the fashion and trends...

He was so happy that day...
kept on smiling...
He also didn't smile so happily during my birthday...
as that time he was tired enough at 2p.m.
This is what we so called MR. Robot~

I like to celebrate the birthdays of my friends(not sebarang strangers lar..)...
I like to see the smiles they put on the faces..
I like to see their happily and affecting faces
when they receive the given suprises...
Through the celebrations, all of us could be gathered together
and enjoy the blissful moments..
Then, our friendships grow...

Erm...who will be the next birthday star?
Oh my god..MR.Y 's birthday will be in the exam
Too bad lar...

*All the photos are credited to Miss Shirley^^*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My 21st birthday (Part 2)

Hedwig's birthday

Went to play pool with my foundation TA9 classmates around 11p.m.
on Tuesday night..
I thought they should have remembered my birthday quiet well..
but WTF just some of them remembered nia...
Most of them were so concentrated on playing pool..
Ye Han and Yee Khai came forwad and wishing me, "12 a.m. wor..Happy birthday ar..."
then they ignored me again
and we kept on playing respectively until 1a.m.

I was so sure that they wouldn't forget about my birthday geh~
so I thought maybe they were just the way too shy to sing birthday song in the pool centre..
Or they may have planned to celebrate it on Wednesday's night..
So I was silent and pretended to act like nothing..

Ya~I kept thinking that
IT's impossible for them to forget my birthday geh~
Sure they wanna give me surprise on the next day lar..
Go online and sleep lar..

As everyone knows, The thing I MUST do once I come back from outside
is facing and touching my joybook 1st..
It was 2a.m.
And Suddenly,
all the lights turned off..
my housemates KAi xin, Pooi Ling, Sui Fong and Joey
hold a cake and sang the birthday song...
Okkay, It wasn't too surprise at all..
I could have predicted it well

* I edited some parts of the photo
as my room was really too messy lar..

Somehow, when the birthday song was sung till half,
the door of my room was being opened AGAIN...
and another birthday song was being played
They are my TA9 BUDDIES ^^
HaHa...So suprising lar...
I really thought they would only celebrate it on the next day...

SEE!! It was really so suprising for me when I saw all the TA9 classmates...
Joey was so happy for me ^^

Felt like so XING FU^^

My  housemates and me
~Pooi Ling, Kai Xin,  me, Joey and Sui Fong
With No.3X9's buddies^^
~Carmen Wilson, me,Yi Han and Yee Khai

WIth No.37X 's buddies^^
~Kian Tiong, me,  Miao Tze, Shirley  and Chee Howe

With another house' buddies^^
Zhi Kang, Chin Soon and Desmond

After that, we went to mamak yum cha
and watching football match lol~
Arsenal versus Barcelona

To my dearest TA9 classmates,
Thx for the celebration and the presents..
I love it and felt touched so so much..
If possible, next time could u all make me a card and choose the green tea cake for me?^^
(won't too terlampau year is the last celebration for me in UTAR jor ler..)
The luckiest thing I stepped into the university
is to know all u guys^^
U all are so awesome and treat me so so good!!
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