Tuesday, March 30, 2010

大自然 - 生命力




Monday, March 29, 2010

New hair color

27 March 2010

I had my hair dyed
in my hometown

Initially, I wish to buy the blonde color hair dye
from the hair beauty special shop
but the salesperson told me that I had to have my hair bleached before dye
to make the blonde color obvious..
so I ended up by purchasing the intense dark blonde color hair dye..

I asked my friend Chin Yee's mom, a barber in my hometown
to help me dye my hair..
The service charge was just reasonable
or I could say it's counted as cheap if compare to other places...
I think maybe because I'm queit close with them
as I used to go to their shop(just near by my school) after finished classes
to wait for my mum
to pick me up...

Aunty is really good in needlework..
those weaving bottle bag and tissue were made by her...
and she promised that she would make me the same weving bottle bag ..*winks*
So I chose the blue color string..
and I got mine just on the second day ..
how effective aunty is^^

heart it!! love it!!

Recalling that last time Kai Xin's mom
also did the weaving cup pad for me

the cup pad are just too useful to protect the cheap blak table
whenever we put hot cup or bowl.. ..

I really do appreaciate it a lot^^

Besides, I "bumped into" Chin Yee when I had my hair dyed..
I went to her shop..so it won't be so strange if she was there...
 I think I had years didn't meet Chin Yee already
as we are studying in different institutions
and quiet busy for our things..
Still remember that..
We are so close in secondary school
and she is the top 1 or top 2 student in our class..
I used to borrow her homework to copy everyday...
She used to guide me on my study to deal with the coming SPM
as I always study at the last minute....
and I used to go to her shop after school...

Time really flies...
and we are already out of one's teen
step into the twenties..
My friend,
no matter how busy we are now or in the future,
I really hope our friendship will be last long forever^^

N years ago
when we were 15 years old

I know we are prettier now^^haha..

Saturday, March 27, 2010



Due to my busyness and restless for mit-term & assignments sakes,
I didn't rest well, sleep well and eat well in the past 4 weeks..
busy until forgot to take any vitamin pills..
In the past few weeks, I just slept for few hours per day...
Normally, I would sleep from 8pm  and got my self up at 12am
for doing the assignments...
and I didn't take my meals at the regular time..
SOmetimes , I would just skip it if I FORGOT to take..
Student life is so painful when u step into Y2S3...
especially for those who always do his/her works at the last min
( all my classmates are the same..haha)
start the assignment regard to research project...
and still U do not have any ideas to start with
I deserved the consequences of having jobs done at the last minute...

 Again ,
I was sick..
I had gastrik in the early morning on thursday afternoon..
and vomitted out the cereal I had taken..
and WTF that the deadline of ass is on the second day..
It isn't a good news to be shared...
as the previous post of mine also mention about the sickness
But still, I decided to post it
because I wish to say thanks to some of my frens

Wuu Cheng,my classmate and also my best driver
Thx for fetching me to clinic
as u also had to rush for ur assigment...

Joey, my housemate
Thx for accompannied me to see doctor..

Goon Siew, my classmate
I felt so touched of what she did
She bought me the dinner and some breads
to my house after knowing I was sick...
She is such a good person indeed^^

So our group was able to submit the assignment on time
by rushing it whole night until morning...
( actually , we started the ass long time ago..
but just this ass was so difficult for us...)

I, Lee Ling Chee
Swear that I will manage my time more efficiently
and will put my healthy issue at the priority...
just doing things within my capacity..
I want to sleep well, rest well and eat well
Laugh and happy always...

P/s: I ain't that weak as u think of..
all my sickness are just caused by my very bad lifesyle..
Will change my lfiestyle soon
and never ever let myself fall sick again..
 My immune system will become better...
Don't worry
Don't worry....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I should take good care of myself


I had food poisoning this morning..
stomach pain and vomited at 6a.m.
in the early morning

thx for my classmate Miss Ching Yi
who fetched me to the hospital

received 2 injections

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