Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dating with my beloved ex-rm ( Part I )

11/1/2010- 14/1/2010

As I mentioned in my previous post,
I have gone to KL for dating my both ex-roommates in my sem break.
 Mooi Lan and Ka Siew are my beloved ex-roommates
when I was staying in B-1-5,MC for studying my foundation in PJ campus.

When three 38 girls mix together, they could be chattering in the room
about any topics ..
Our relationship bond is getting stronger 
when we got along well with each other day by day.
We had an unforgettable trip to Cameron Highland as well^^

After I finished my foundation,
I proceed my degree in Kampar campus
while Ka Siew proceed her degree in Setapak Campus.
Mooi Lan still stayed in MC
but just moved to another room with her friend
and had moved out again to Section 17 afterward.
I have met them respectively once after I moved out in the end of last year.

Day 1 - 11/1/2010
This was our first time 3 person gathering
after we were moving out from MC for more than one and a half years.

Arrived at Time Square around 12p.m.
Met with Ka Siew 

We had a shopping spree in Sg.Wang and Time Square..
We bought a lot like we didn't shopping for a very long time..
Spot the Khalil Fong style's spectacles 
that we put on?
We bought it in Sg.Wang at the price of RM40 for 2 pairs.
I think the price is considered as very reasonable.

We rushed to Mid Valley before 7.p.m.
to meet up with our Mooi Lan Jie Jie since she's only free after her training.
We enjoyed our dinner in korean restaurant.
I think I'm the only one who loves korean food among them..
Their expressions proved that Korean food wasn't their cup of tea..

After the dinner,
We had Baskin Robin's ice creams as our dessert.

Mooi Lan Jie and Ka Siew

Say good bye to Mooi Lan and we back to Ka Siew's hostel in PV,setapak.
Thousand thanks to Ka Siew's roommate to let me sleep in her room
while she slept in other room.

Day 2

Ka Siew's place is just the way so comfortable
and I felt like so reluctant to get myself up.


Initially, we planned to go shopping in Sunway Pyramid
and I would straight away go back to my hometown afterward.
However, we woke up quiet late
and we knew that there would be not much time for us to spend around
by the time we reach there by lrt and bus.
Ka Siew's housemate Chih Yung was so good that he offered to fetch us 
to Time Square again since he had to meet up with his cousin
and he promised to fetch us go to Sunway pyramid the second day.
 So I decided to delay one more day going back home.

We had the 板面 as our lunch.

Again.Time Square, we were here..
camwhored in the

感谢我不可以 住进你的眼睛 所以才能 拥抱你的背影 
有再多的遗憾 用来牢牢记住 不完美的所有美丽 
感谢我不可以 拥抱你的背影 所以才能 变成你的背影 
躲在安静角落 不用你回头看 不用珍惜  

Since we had already been shopping for one whole day
on the day before so we just walked around.
We did buy some clothes as well but just as not much as 
the previous day.
To be continued...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Say Goodbye to holiday =.=

My one month holiday finally ended.
Here is my new semester again..
I'm a Y2S3 student now..sounds old ,right?
*sob sob*
Never mind..
The older I am means the more knowledge and experiences I have possessed..

Okay,Let's talk about my holiday..
Actually,I can hardly recall all the activities that I have joined..
So I just write down what I could still remember.

Went to Seremban for numerous times..
Since my maternal grandma is in my uncle's house .
so my mother and I went to Seremban quiet often to visit her.
Hang out with my dearest cousin Ashley in the Christmas night 2009.

As I told in n-th previous post, I went to Malacca with foundation classmates on 28 December and 29 December 2009. I enjoyed a lot during the trip .Besides, we are planning for our graduate trip to Taiwan next year. *wink* I'm  so so looking forward to it!!!

My Jimui Khen Eng has come back once during my holiday.We went out Yum Cha with another Jimui Yi Ting,Jian Hua and Jia Hui (the couple of JH) on 1 January 2009.Yi Ting and Jia Hui kept talking about girlish topics while Jian Hua ,Khen Eng and I kept eating the French Fries since we did not have much knowledge on these topics. Being a good listener was what we could do *wink*

After that, Jian Hua, Khen Eng and I went to Kiara Box cheung K for the second round..Ya..just 3 of us..since Jia Hui and Yi Ting are cinderellas  who had to go back home before 12a.m. Guess who we met in Kiara box there? Our hometown friends Ah Chua, Kai Jun ,Mei Yi and others were in other room as well. Jian Hua didn't cheung K for almost half an a year since he enrolled into NTU so he was singing like a hungry ghost who's desperate for food..hehe...Bravo Bravo** Frankly speaking , the 2 hours ain't enough for 3 of us. However, we just headed to eat  midnight snake since we were hungry at that time.
Hedwig, Khen Eng and my didi Jian Hua

On the second day, Khen Eng accompanied me and Yi Ting went to watch the hot movie "Avatar” in Kiara Square. Actually, Khen eng has already watched it in KL but still he accompanied us to watch it again^^

When Khen Eng sent me back right in front of my house, I saw a car followed behind our car. Guess who's inside the car?  They were koko and Kai Jun..zzz.Still, koko blew the horn so loudly until all my dogs were barking at him...So, As a playful girl like me went out again with Koko and Kai Jun for joyride. I didn't know they wanted to play basketball..zzz..When Hangui got in the car, we went to our secondary school since there's a basketball court available.

I didn't go back to my secondary school for a very long time. Recalling that the last time I stepped into the school was in the year 2007. It was Teachers Day. Koko woke me out in the super early morning just to ask me to school for joining the so special  event. He asked quiet a lot of people went there as well~ SIAO!!I think he loves SM Chi Wen so so much.. When they were playing basketball, I was visiting around the school. I used koko's hp to capture many photos of the school which made me recall thousand memories when I studies in there. Too bad that I still haven't gotten those photos yet since I do not know how to use the blue-tooth function of SE to transfer files to Nokia hp..zzz

Met with my best friend Ngai Gee in nine and night. As Yi Ting had to go back home before 12a.m., we went to her house to continue our chit-chat until 3a.m. We shared our secrets and listen to each others' recent stories as well. Khen Eng shared to me and Ngai Gee his story on the way he fetched us home respectively. Yi Ting, too bad that u have missed it..kaka..I think we can only meet each other  again in CNY for the next time gathering. Between, I miss my others JI MUI Fai Fai and Ah Yen as well. Hope we can meet each others soon!!^^

Playful Hedwig was staying in her beloved ex-roommate ka siew's room which located in Setapak for 4 days 3 nights. I met with my another ex-rm Mooi Lan jie in Mid Valley as well. Frankly speaking, Ka Siew's room is just too comfortable until I felt like so reluctant going back home..hehe..I will update a complete post about this trip soon.

Two days before the new semester starts, I went to Genting Highland with Pooi Ling, Mr. Liaw, Joey and Kai Xin .We were so "lucky" to get into the biggest casino  in Genting. * Are we looked old? =.= * Actually, it was my 2nd time to go into casino. The 1st time was I went to the 1st  world small casino with my family in year 2005 which means I was still 16 years old only...The guard didn't check my IC at all and I had even gone in twice. However, I didn't gamble at all for the 1st time visiting.

For the second time, I just wanted to try my luck and I won 35 bucks for gambling the "Buy Small or Buy Big " electronic games since the minimum capital demanded is only RM5. As a first time player, I was so blur when I wanted to withdraw the cash. I thought the cash could be withdrawn from the electronic machine automatically. So I kept waiting for the cash come out...U know what happened next..The casino staff in front asked me to collect the tokens there..I was so wtf afraid to move forward due to unknown reasons. When I reached my hand to take my tokens , I was so stupid to take his card along with the tokens. After he reminded me, I was so paiseh and he still kept on LAUGHING on me..However, I treat his laughing as SMILING since he's so so so HANDSOME!!! I didn't even realize the staff right in front of me is so so handsome. Maybe I was all the way too focus on thinking I wanted to "WIN WIN WIN". Otherwise, I would have gambled for longer time to prolong the time I stared at him *winks * Kai Xin them were too bad kept on laughing on me for being so stupid .They said the lengzai casino staff still kept on laughing on me sneakingly as he was still looking at us sometimes. They all agreed with me that the guy is really very handsome...LORz

Maybe u all might be thinking that RM35 is just a very small amount of money..ya, I know it..but u know what...Mr.Liaw lost RM30 and Wilson lost few hundreds last time when he got in...So, I was still considered as lucky enough, right? Hope that when I'm going to the casino next time, the guard WILL CHECK MY IC by the time I am already 21 years old legally ...hehe..u get what I means? I just hope that the guard will think I look like not more than 21 years old = young ..wakaka..

Besides, I also watched many dramas in my house...That's why my parents kept scolding me being so lazy and only PANDAI ask for $$$..zzz
Recommend to u all the dramas I watched recently..

Japanese drama Night Tenuo 绝对彼氏
so touching...she couldn't be with him because he's a robot..=.=

Cantonese drama 巴不得爸爸
Laugh die me..
Quiet touching also..

Oh my god!!! my husband Yamapi is so so handsome...nose bleeding ..

Keiko Kitagawa
so her..气质美女

Saki Abu
I prefer her character in Night Tenuo
she's too bad in this drama lar..made my yamapi so sad..
This drama is all about dreams, basketball,violin and love..
MUST watch!!

kk..I shall be stop writing now...tired for the 1st week classes..zzz

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Gathering of Wirawati

I used to join the national service when I was 18 years old in 2008. I was chosen to the nearest camp from my hometown which was Kem Karisma ,Kuala Pilah. Surprisingly,many of my secondary schoolmates were chosen to the same camp with me also.

Since many of us are come from the same hometown, so we would have gathering sometimes after we finished the national service for the period demanded. Maybe once per 3 months or once per half year?

The last gathering was me and Yoke Ping only since the others weren't in hometown or had their own programmes. That was on the last day of 2009. Therefore,Yoke Ping was the only one who accompanied me spent the last few few hours of 2009 and the first hour of 2010.

The others gatherings' photos:

Wan Ting,芝芝,菁菁,甄甄

WAn Ting is my ex-neighbor as well

Actually, Xin Yi was being with us too but she refused to take picture with us..
It's okay because I had her photo as well..

How did I get this photo? Ngek Ngek..

Xin Yi forced me to accept this photo through bluetooth transfer because she wanted to introduce me a good good guy for me which was in this photo as well. This was the 2nd guy she wanted to introduce me. Since she stays happily in her current relationship so she wants her friends find their happiness as well. So good ,right? But I did not accept her kindly offer lar..because I'm always too shy..wakaka...

Besides , Yoke Ping also said that there is a boy who might be my type of dream boy is studying in her uni. However, she doesn't know the guy yet so she asked me to add the guy in facebook. Yeah~ he's my cup of tea. after I saw some of his public photo albums in facebook.I wonder how Yoke Ping would know about it..I took up much courage to ADD him ..The result is I was being ignored and rejected even  I just wanted to add him in facebook account only. SAD DIE ME...Herm..Never mind, I believe I can find a better one..

Long time ago..when the length of my hair still very short

 Zhen Zhen and Zhi Zhi
Jing Jing is always perfect for me..

Though we were separated after the national service for many years, the memories still very important for me..If I was given a power of magic, I wish to roll back the time and let me pass through a day that living in kem Karisma ,together with them for sure. Hope that We will always have the next time gather together in the future. Keep in Touch^^

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Malacca Trip (28/12/2009-29/12/2009)

Day 1

Hedwig was going to Malacca with her foundation classmates on 28 and 19 December 2009. Too bad that my roomie and her bf Mr.Liaw couldn't be with us since Mr.Liaw's grandma was facing health problem.

Thanks the birthday boy Chin Soon and Yehan for picking me up at Malacca Sentral. The others were having the chicken rice as lunch while CS and YH were on the way to Malacca Sentral. Fortunately, they had Dabao for us..^^

3 of us were eating our lunch inside Stadhuys
This picture is very funny..CS look like wanna kiss me
All of us think the chicken rice is nothing special..
I still think the Ipoh "芽菜鸡" is the best^^

Fort A Famosa
They said my attire like a mistress who accompanied her man
to play golf..Should I be happy on it?
Joey and I ~create love?

Sui Fong and me

black and white

 pretty gal^^

Those Uncles handled with our girls' bags

LC with Tesco Green Shopping bag

The most complete group photo

 Zhi Kang and me on the bicycle rickshaw
~RM5 each person for visiting around the RED house around 10 minutes =.=

 windmill near the red house

so thirsty...we ordered the famous durian cendol and honey lemon beverage
in 三叔公

durian cendol

We also had a walk in Jonker Stree。
I had bought some cute cute things at quiet reasonable prices.
Shirley and I

 Kai Xin and I beside the river
(the spectacle is belong to CS)

After we took a rest and shower, then we headed to enjoy
the nyonya food in OLE SAYANG restaurant.
spent much time and money on finding the location of the restaurat
by calling my friend
Finally, We were here!!
Actually, I had been here long time ago
with my family.

From my opinion, I think ayam pong teh and the otak-otak(I made mistake in writing the name of otak-otak instead of oneh-oneh in picture above) are the best!!
Thumb up^^
The Chap Choi is just normal like every housewife could cook it ..
(included me *wink* )

Taming Sari Tower

RM10 per ticket for Malacca city view.
Actually, we just spent the RM10 to capture photo busily ..
Kai Xin was so scared and dared not looking down *acrophobia*..LAUGH DIE ME

Before the clock striked at 12a.m.,we rushed back to Stadhuys Square
for singing Chin Soon birthday songs in different languages in time.
Chin Soon is the youngest among us and definitely destined to be the last who entitled to go in Casino among us in 2010..
Christ Church Malacca
Joey was so suffered by smelling Carmen's armpit odor ..hehe

modeling ? blek~
Miss TA9?

Make a wish..

There was another friend of mine, Alex's birthday after 12a.m.
Since he's staying in Malacca,
I went yum cha with him and his friends around 2a.m. and back at 3.30a.m.
I'm sorry that I didn't prepare any birthday cake for u..
It was considered a gathering rather like a birthday celebration =.=
but I think the wishes were more important..LORZ

Day 2

Got myself up at 7.30a.m.
Tired like a dog due to sleep deprivation..
Anyway, we still felt excited to take pictures as much as possible..
Kai Xin and Ling Chee

Sui Fong and LC


After had ourselves prepared and handled the key to the owner of house,
we went to Jonker Street to again..
I like this picture..
the background is nice and we were so natural ..
Yehan and me
I looked so fat~wtf..
never take picture with yehan again..

After having the nyonya food as our breakfast in Jonker Street,
we went to visit around Baba & Nyonya Heritage

  Then we went to Maritime Museum, replica of the Frol de la mar ship, Malacca


Some of us were taking the boat to visit along the Malacca river for 45 minutes..
It's only RM 10 for each person...I think it's worth even though most of the time I was assleep..=.=

After taking our lunch, we just headed back to our hometowns respectively..Since the last bus service going back to Bahau is only available until 3p.m. and I have missed it, so I followed Wilson's car going back to Seremban before taking the transferred bus back to my hometown. Wilson and Carmen were so good that they dropped me at the bus stop exactly so I did not need to walk too far..

Even though we did not visit too much places but I enjoyed much during this trip.
Malacca is a place that I have visited for many times since it's very near with my hometown. However, the feeling of visiting Malacca again with my good friends is awesome..Where will be our next trip? Look forward to the next vacation^^

~All photos are credited to Shirley, Carmen ,Kai Xin and Sui Fong~

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