Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Finally, I'm already in my hometown since Sunday. Once I arrived home, my parents forced me to had a massage for 2 hours since they said I looked paleness . haha...but it's damn shuang lorz^^

Actually, I didn't sleep for whole night the day before I came back to my hometown. We went to yum cha with TA9 since the guys wanted to watch the football. After we came back to our hostel, we still needed to have our things packed. Then I continued watching the drama since I was afraid I couldn't get myself up to get on the bus.

Everyone in my hostel knows that it's difficult to wake me up if I'm already asleep .Furthermore, I need to sleep for more than 10 hours. During the exam weeks, I was suffering from insomnia from time to time. So it made me get up very late so I didn't have enough time to study. There was one time I asked my roommate Pooi Ling and her bf Yi Khai to wake me up at 6a.m. and I gave them permission to sprinkle me with water if I refuse to get up. When they called me up at 6 a.m. , I went back to sleep. After that, my roommate woke me up for the second time but I still ignored her. When I slightly opened my eyes , I saw three figures in front of my bed. Suddenly, I felt my feet under the bed sheet were humid....Yi Khai were sprinkling the water on me...swt...Actually,the 3 figures were Joey, my roommates and her bf and they kept on laughing for a while. I forced to get up and the clock already indicated to one something in the afternoon...

Enjoying my holidays in my hometown...but I still feel a bit lonely. Actually, My TA9 foundation classmates had planned for going somewhere else everytime when the exams were all over. However, we did not plan any trip for this semester break due to H1A1. We just headed back to our own hometowns instead. Actually, my foundation classmates and I were not so close before until we started going to many places to celebrate different festivals and birthdays of our classmates. I used to think that I won't have further connection with them after foundation but somehow things can be changed easily with or without your attention. Some of them even become my housemates afterward.

Old Town Kopitiam (1 U)

Zhi Kang and Ye han are GAY!!( on the way to Eye on Malaysia)

Eye on Malaysia

Kai xin and I (One U)

Christmas 2007 ( The Curve)

Countdown for New Year 2008 in One Utama

Our first Genting Trip :)

Gua Tempurung

Our second Genting trip^^

Pulau Redang

Ye han said that we have gone through the mountain( genting) , wading crossing ( Gua tempurung, Redang ). where should be the next destination? hehe...We are thinking Taiwan as the destination of our graduation trip. Can we actualize it?

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Last Emperor (1987)

Finally, I finished my last paper this morning. However, I was not confident for all the papers especially I knew I had done a lot of careless mistakes after the papers have been submitted. HAIZ....I'm still willing to let bygones be bygones..So, let's fly to holidays mood!!^^

I had finished watching a movie called The Last Emperor which produced in 1987 soon I rushed back from the exam hall. Initially, I would like to watch dramas on PP Stream but the line was fucking slow I forced to watch this movie which I have downloaded it one year ago. Unexpectedly, this movie is really awesome even though it is long for more than 3 hours.

This movie is about the dramatic history of Pu Yi, the last of the Emperors of China, from his lofty birth and brief reign in the Forbidden City, the object of worship by half a billion people; through his abdication, his decline and dissolute lifestyle; his exploitation by the invading Japanese, and finally to his obscure existence as just another peasant worker in the People's Republic. (

The parts I love the most is when the little Pu Yi was asking the guards of Forbidden City to OPEN THE DOOR and let him escape from the Forbidden City when his mother passed away. However, he had to stay in the Forbidden City and was not allowed to go outside as long as he was still the nominal emperor. Forbidden City is the place he had been trapped inside since he was 3 years old and he never stepped out until the he and the other have been expelled.

The second time he spoke out the phrase "OPEN THE DOOR" was when her empress wan Jung left him when he become the emperor again in Manchuria. That time he was said it in a whisper until no one could hear it. I feel sympathy for him since he didn't have much freedom or right even as a emperor.

Besides, the theme song of "The Last Emperor" 1987 Composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto was so so nice. I kept on replaying the music.

Anyway, I think not much people would enjoy this type of movie since it is related to history and lengthiness .

Saturday, September 19, 2009


1) 大名: 冬菇靈芝
2)生日: 4月7日
3)谁传给你的: steven
5)最近压力大的事: 考试
6)想做的事: 回家
7)有没有喜欢的人: 过去让它过去 来不及。。。
8)跟谁出去最幸福+快乐: 跟朋友在一起就很快乐~
9)如果你的好朋友吵架了,你会怎么做: 安慰,静静地听他/她诉苦
10)最想和别人去那里: 哪里都可以,只要和朋友在一起
11)圣诞节想做什么: 吃火锅
12)最想跟谁庆祝圣诞节: 帅哥美女,男女不拘!!
13)最近在做什么: 读书咯,考试叻~
14)有几个兄弟姐妹: 一个哥哥,一个姐姐
15)最喜欢的一首英文/华文歌: 心动
16)喜欢什么颜色: 红色
17)上厕所会不会冲水: 当然!
18)喜欢男还是女生: 男女通吃!
19)最想大大声说什么: 我想干掉发明考试的家伙!!
20)半夜敢不敢上厕所: 在房间内的就敢
21)你现在最恨谁: 那些正在假期的人,因为我还要考试=.=
22)现在喜欢做什么: 睡觉!看戏!发梦!
23)睡相好不好看: 粗鲁的很~
24)现在的时间: 晚上11.32
25)是否厌恨传给你这卷子的人: 不会
26)体重多少: 哈哈~正在减少当中
27)今天天气: 雨天
28)如果忙完了你最想做什么: 回家回家!!
29)失眠后会怎样: 样子很残!!
30)你晚上睡觉会不会尿床: 小时候!
31)你晚上睡觉会不会流口水: 偶尔会
32)你有没有吃过夜宵: 当然有吃过啊!
33)近期开心的事: 近期没有,将来会有~
34)自由对你来说重要吗: 超重要
35)你觉得在朋友当中谁最性感: siok sian
37)你比较喜欢爸爸还是妈妈: 都爱^^
39)你爱看戏吗: 超超超爱!!

你打算几时结婚啊: 30以前
你喜欢你的生活吗: 人是永远不会满足现状的!
相信塔罗牌吗: 好的就相信
你的偶像: 孙燕姿,东方神起,林峰,妻夫木聪,rain,玄彬,山下智久,李东旭,李准基
你喜欢的季节: 冬天
最想去的地方: 韩国
最讨厌怎样的性格的人: 。。。。。。
你会抽烟吗: 不会
你会喝酒吗: 会
你常哭吗: 常常哭,我是爱哭鬼,呜呜=.=
你常笑吗: 开心就笑
想睡到几点: 自然醒
朋友和情人你会选谁: 朋友
机会+命运你会选谁: 机会,比较容易把握
你有穿耳洞吗: 有
喜欢吃冰吗: 喜欢,但是爸爸不允许=.=
现在幸福吗: 只要活着,就很幸福^^
最在乎谁: 家人
房间里最重要的东西是什么: 床 
如果天使给你实现一个愿望,你想要什么: 让我重遇kaka
这个问题废吗: 如果它能实现的活,就不废!
喜欢那个水果: 苹果
最怕人家问你什么: 你的择偶条件
喜欢下雪吗: 喜欢喜欢!!
下辈子要做什么: 还是李灵芝~
希望再被tag吗: 。。。
你喜欢等人吗: 看情形

1 。被点到必填,不填代表你不尊重传给你的人和问卷
2 。请老实回答每一问题
3 。不能擅自涂改题目
4 。写完请点 10 位朋友,不可以不点
5 。完后请通知那 10 位朋友 被点到的朋友

1.Yi Ting
2.Ka Siew
4.Suan Mei
5.Sze Ting
6.chin Yee
7.Ngai Gee

Thursday, September 17, 2009


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