Monday, July 27, 2009

Drinking fruit enzyme

My housemate joey has made the dragon fruit enzyme in the very beginning of this semester.

The enzyme was ready to be consumed in 2-3 weeks time.

As her lovely and pretty housemate , I was glad to be the "white rat" to taste on her enzyme.

From my opinion, I think it looks nasty.

However, I wanted to give FACE to my fat fat housemate. So I have mixed it with some water and made a cup of drink. Even though it tasted only SO SO but I chose to tell her white lie since I wanted to encourage HER to make more food to me.

Look at our purple tongues!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Festival of the Mind(10/7/2009-12/7/2009)

Last weekend, my housemates and I (included my half-housemate~Mr.Liaw) have become the helpers for the Festival of Mind in Utar,Kampar.

1st day

The very 1st day of being helper, we have been requested to wear formal clothes.Since it was the 1st day,so we had to go there earlier at 8a.m. for the preparation of the event.Hui Ying, Joey and I were responsible for the registration counter while the rest was helping inside the exhibition hall like selling the development of intelligence-related products. There were around 40 Utarian helpers in this festival.

Being a helper at registration counter wasn't a difficult job since I just had to persuade the public & students registered, explained the details of the festival such as schedule of the public talks , the method of acquiring the tickets to attend the talks etc. Everyone could get a paper bag which there were some flyers, booklet , 4 posters in one roll inside it after registering. Sometimes, they even could get a sponsored 725ml shampoo or free pens if our BOSS Edison was in a merry mood. He would throw the pens randomly inside some paper bags at that time.

However, all of us started to feel tired since the number of the attenders was more than what we had expected .I even heard some students said that this scene was similar with the PC fair-people mountain people sea. There were more than 1700 people on the 1st day. So you could imagine how thirsty I was that time after talking to some of them. The paper bags and posters were finished SO fast so those who worked at registration counter had to go inside the office and pack for the paper bags and posters. The process of rolling up the posters made some of us bleed due to the edge of the poster.

1 set of Poster of festival of mind for each attender:

I had experienced a very embarrassed situation - my right sleeve was suddenly broken during the peak hour. I realised it but I had no chance to go back for changing another cloth. So I just rolled up the sleeve a bit to make it NOT so obvious. Nobody had realised it because I had cover it well. Until I saw my house mate's friend and gave him a wave. After I had explained the details to him , he suddenly said "Your cloth is koyak." ..........Finally, I removed the brooch and pin it on the broken sleeve after my lunch time. I have shared this story to my housemates on the way we came back to westlake and GUESS what their REACTION was? They were laughing exaggeratedly and saying that " U r too PAISEH in front of the boy!!!hahaha...."=.= But actually I don't think it's a big deal since I am used to paiseh-ing in front of people.


ROOMMATE -Pooi Ling's working condition:


Yi Khai's working condition:


Yee Khai told me that he has shaked hand with our Deputy Prime Ministe but I didn't treat it as a big deal.

Sui Fong & Kai Xin's working condition:

They were busy selling some challenging yet expensive games.

No picture for me,Joey and Hui Ying during our working session.=.=


I was so jealous of my housemates who were working inside as exhibitors because they have gotten so many free gifts:

  1. Yee Khai- a free book which is worth for RM20 from his boss-Mr.Anant ( How to become A Top Student)

  2. Pooi Ling- a free DVD about peace festival from her neighbour stall, a paper bag & free shampoo after registered at our counter.

  3. Sui Fong- her boss has lent her some magic equipments to let her practice in house.

  4. The rest of us got nothing on the 1st day=.=

Sui Fong has taught us some simple magic:

2nd day
2nd day wasn't so tired for us as compared with the 1st day since the number of attenders has reduced much. So we could talk with each other and I have made some NEW friends also^^ Moreover, we didn't have to wear formal again and casual was enough.

I had a great conversation with Phooi Yee who is a friendly DPP trainee from Petaling Jaya Campus. She looked like very quiet on the 1st day but turn to be more active after we have started chatting with each other on 2nd day. She told me that her neighbours of Section 17 were infected by H1A1. She and her housemates were worrying about the virus might spread to them so they were very afraid when their neighbours opened the window during the quarantine period. I heard my friend Kian Keong said that there were 2 cases of H1N1 which happened in Kampar. Start worrying....

Since we had the experience of getting hurt when rolling those posters , so most of us were reluctant to roll up those posters when asking by Edison. Seeing our reactions, he forced to give us some benefits so he was offering that" Those who are willing to roll up the posters ,I will reward them 2 pens!" Once Joey and I heard about that, we quickly ran toward the office (both of us really looked like AUNTIES!).Hehe...At the end of the day, everyone of us had also gotten a free shampoo from Kelvin also.^^

3rd day
The last day was definitely the most relax day for us because most of us had CURI TULANG for many times. We should thank to the UTAR staff ,Kelvin who allowed us to escape from the obligation of being a helper for a while. Since there were so many talks and funny workshops during the festival, I was interested to most of the activities. However, as a helper, I was not allowed to attend those activities. But I still have tried my luck by asking Kelvin whether if we have a chance to attend. Suprisingly, Kelvin allowed us to attend those public talks. He is a really good man.^^ Hui Ying and I have attended one public talk titled as The Magic of Memory.Actually I wished to attend the Mind Mapping talk as well but I had to take responsibility to the counter since many helpers were going for their lunch that time. I also have spent some time to visit around the exhibition hall.

Specimen of real human brain:

All the Utar staff were very friendly and nice, I was so happy to work for them. Time flies and all of us felt sad when we realised it was the last day of Festival of the Mind. We were hoping that the festival was not only last for 3 days since we have enjoyed ourself much in this festival. At last, the helpers of registration counter were given a paper bag and some free samples by Edison.

Pooi Ling gave me 9 out of 12 books from the complete set of book which were written by her boss's wife. These books were given to all the visitors for FREE. I also had gotten the same DVD about Peace as Pooi Ling had .

We took photos crazily after the festival was over.

Kelvin and us

"老"板 and I

My housemates And I

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Online Shopping

I didn't have the experience of online shopping before since I was not so believe the reliability of it.

However, I did it few days ago.

The long story should be beginning from which my classmate Fei Yi has introduced me and my classmates a shopping website last semester.

There are many clothes include skirts,tops,bags......and the most important are all the prices are very cheap since it's wholesales price.

However,we didn't take any action at that time since it requested more than 15 clothes for each delivery.

Until this semester, we really felt like wanted to buy the clothes from that website since the prices and patterns of clothes are so attractive.

After combining all the orders from my classmates and housemates, we have gotten far more than our initial target 15 pieces of clothes ^^===>which are 78 clothes

血汗钱的味道~ some amount of money collected

I was the person in charge to order and bank in to the website owner.

It was quiet a leceh process since I have been calling the owner for 5 times to ask about the details of delivery fee, bank in process, quality of the clothes,etc.

my slaves helped me double check the order no.

Finally, I have gotten a very low delivery fee which is RM1 for each item^^

Now, I'm waiting for the arriving of stocks patiently since there are 20 working days need to be processed.

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