Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheerful Christmas


Jingle Bell Jingle Bell...
Santa Claus is coming to town...

I love Christmas
even though I ain't a Christian..
I love festivals
regardless it's CNY , Deepavali or Hari Raya
as long as it's public holiday..
so friends or relatives can be gathered together..

This Christmas
I went to Seremban
since my parents wanted to visit my maternal grandma
in my uncle's house..
My Wai Po looks healthier than
last few weeks as she got enough rest after the operation..
Since it's public holiday,
my cousin Ashley asked me to overnight at her house
so we could go to sing k on the second day..
So I didn't follow my parents going back afterwards..

 Initially, we were planning to go shopping in Jusco..
However, we felt hungry on the way going to Seremban 2
so we changed our mind and decided to have our dinner
before going to Jusco..
We have chosen the korean restaurant大长今 in Oakland..
The owner is a korean spouse..
The 1st time I had eaten korean food
was few years ago
which being brought by my cousin and her mum
in the same restaurant also..
Korean food is one my favourite foods...
too bad that Bahau and Kampar do not have any korean restaurants..

Camwhored before the food was served:

 The decoration of the restaurant

yummy yummy food^^

Bibimbap—Korean Stone-pot Rice
*I forgot to take picture before mixing all the ingredients 
so it might look a bit disgusting but actually it's very yummy*
Thumb up^^


my cousin Ashley

We still felt a lil hungry so we ordered one more meal
Korean seafood tofu soup
Since I forgot to take the picture down so I took this picture from google search..

After enjoying the dinner,
it was the time for paying the bill..
My cousin said she would be settling the bill
since I'm still a student^^
Erm...she thought Debit Card could pay for it
but the restaurant only accepts cash and credit card..
so my cousin left me in the restaurant
and out for withdrawing money from ATM
since both of us did not have enough cash in hand..
quiet shame lar..
Even though the owner of restaurant was so kind that
saying we could pay for it next time when we come..

After that, we were moving to Jusco..
My cousin bought a lot since
she didn't go shopping for a long period..
u know lar..working life is so cham..ngek ngek..
I just bought some girl thingy..


It was a really blissful Christmas..
Even though my cousin and I have 5 years age discrepancy
but we are very close to each other
as her mother was my babysitter when I was a kid..
Whenever I am in the holidays,
I will visit them.
The second day
 we went to cheung K
from 10a.m. to 12p.m.
in Green Box...
Then we went back her home
and waiting for my parents to
pick me up

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kiara Square's Day


It was Christmas Eve..
My sister and I went to watch THE TREASURE HUNTER
The main casts are Jay Chou and Lin ChiLing
Before the movie started,
 we walked around the Kiara Square
since the cinema is located inside the Kiara Square..
Even though the Kiara Square is not as big as
those shopping malls in cities
but my sister and I still spent hours
to walk around..

I got myself 3 pair of shoes and a dress
while my sister got herself 2 pairs of shoes
at a very reasonable price^^

These 3 pairs of shoes cost me around RM60..
the price was reasonable,right?

About the movie,
I would rank it as 5.9/10..
The scenery of desert is unrivalled.
I think Jay has improved a lot of his acting skill..
but there is always a room for Lin ChiLing to improve her skill ..LORZ
The ending was a bit...
like no ending for the love story for Jay and ChiLing..
Besides, I spotted one person in this movie
Did u recognize him?

he's the actor of 命中注定我爱你-陈楚河

Overall, the movie is still okay and I did enjoy it..
even though this movie is a bit commercial...

Friday, December 25, 2009


I think I'm a soft-hearted person..
Initially, I planned to go back to my hometown earlier..
However, Kai Xin and Joey used some "tactics" made me change my mind
to stay at Kampar until this Tuesday
since they still have their last paper to go.
Joey said that she would be missing me if I was not around her~
She would feel like BU SHE DE too..
Obviously, I know I'm super important for Joey..
While Kai Xin said that she was going to has her hair curled..
so she wanted me to be the person who saw her new look
just after she had it curled.

 After they have finished their last paper,
Joey and I were cycling to A BOX for cheung K
while Kai Xin was going to barbershop alone..
Since the rooms of the A Box were fulled,
so the person wanted us to find 2 more people
then he would let us use the biggest room..
However,the price would be charged at 7 people
though we just have 5 people..=.=
SO Joey asked her classmates Cui Lian and Bao lian to join us^^
The room was really si beh super big for only 5 of us lar..

The student price for kampar A Box is really quiet cheap ..
There's a very worth package from 12p.m. until 6p.m. (6 hours)..
Every student only needs to pay for RM8++
( the requirement is no matter how many people,
they will be charging the cost of 8 person as well)
2 or 3 jugs of beverages/ 5 cans of beverages will be given..
I always take this package..
It's really worth but the only shortcoming of this A Box is
there aren't so much new songs available here =.=
Most of the time, We are just keep on singing the same song..
since the period we go there is quiet frequent.
ok..enough promoting for A box...they should pay for me^^

The sound system was okay
and we had 3 mics as well..
so damn enjoyed it^^
Kai Xin only joined us around 4.30p.m.
since she just had her hair done..

We sang a lot songs..
We have so many hours to go what~
At the last hour,
we even sang those christmas songs..
Christmas song were nice~
but my mood was even better^^

Photos session:


I love Kai Xin's new hair style very much

I used to laugh at her because she never changed her hair style..
always the INDIAN style with the terrible long & terrible black hair..

I always wish to have wavy hair..
I used to have my hair curled once I was graduated from secondary school..
But I got many bad comments from friends
as my hair was very short that time..
Koko even said I looked like 西施狗 =.=

However, As being LLC,
I wouldn't care how others evaluate on me..
because I'm LC mah~
I don't want to be regret in my future
when thinking that I didn't do this or do that
when I was YOUNG or still able to do so..
So, I decided to have my hair curled again
when my hair length grows until my waist ..

At night,
we have cooked Tang Yuan..

so warm ler~

Merry X'mas to everyone..
Wish all of u have a blissful day^^

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Utar Open Days


Being the helper for the Utar Perak Campus Open Days for 2 days..
Got up in the early morning on Saturday..
Went to campus with my housemate Sin Yue by following her friend Sze Yan's car..
There weren't much helpers needed for Open Days
compared with the Festival Of mind..
maybe just almost 1/2 helpers of the Festival Of Mind..
 Sin Yue was working as a usher..
while Sze Yan's job was same with mine..

Guess What job I did for the Open days?
I was assigned the task of responsible for the CAMPUS TOUR
 MY job was guiding those public visitors who are interested
to visit around our campus block by block until library..
Do you know the walking distance
between the 1st administration block and the 6th block(Block G)library?
Oh my God!! It's so so so so far away ..=.=

Before that, we didn't know we would be working for the campus tour..
so Sze Yan and I wore high-heel shoes to match with the formal suit.
 Before our shift started, Sze yan and I had a visit to our library 1st
as we didn't go there before since it just completed
its moving process at 12 December.

I was quiet nervous since this was my 1st time
being the helper for the Open Days and Campus Tour.
Moreover, I didn't know other helpers except Sin Yue...
However, I made some new friends as I volunteered
to be the usher for asking those coming prospect Utar students
registered their information
when I didn't have the shift for the campus tour.

Actually, I have seen the other helpers last time
when I was being the helper for the Festival Of Mind
but we just didn't chat with each other.

Initially, I treated being a helper might be very boring
as it isn't as interested as the Festival of Mind.
However, it was still consider as quiet interesting for me
since I could interact with many people as being a Campus Tour's guide.
All of them are come from different states and backgrounds.
So I need to use different languages such as english, chinese and cantonese.
I used English as the intermediate language for the very 1st day
since some of them are Indians or english educated background.
For the second day, I used Chinese as the intermediate language.

I will show some pictures of Utar Perak Campus here
( None of them was taken by me..
I just took those pictures from the Utar group in facebook)

Block A - for the administration and management purposes

Block B (tutorial rooms ) & Block C ( cafeteria and Gymnasium)

View of Block C, D, E 

Block F( administration purpose for human resource department,high position management such as president.. ), Block H & I (lecture and tutorial rooms) and another block(don't know what block it is) for Engineering workshop

I lov3 the library very much^^
The study environment atmosphere are just damn good..
I decided to go there everyday start from next semester onwards^^
to enhance my study mode
Each floor has a super big French window
which allow us to see the view of lake clearly..
I was being told that all of the Utar buildings are surrounded by the lake.

There are basement, ground floor,1st floor until 3rd floor..

Those pictures were taken before it u might not be attracted but the real scenery is even better^^
I think the basement is just for storage some accessories and tools..
The trees are grown in basement..

Those parents loved to ask me questions which were not related to the education such as How many square meter Utar is...How many students currently studying in PErak Campus...blar blar blar...When I answered I didn't know ,they would ask again like,"is it XXX square meter?.."=.= But I got the answer from a library staff that Perak Campus students are exceed 10,000 ...For the other question,maybe I need to check it out in internet(lazy to do so).

I was weak in one's limbs at the end of the day..
U gotta know that I have been walking
from Block A to Block G for 3 times per Open day..
Every Campus tour spent me 45 minutes to 75 minutes...=.=
damn damn tired..
I heard my friend said that
she saw a campus tour guide wore off her high heel shoes
on the way going back to Block A..
the person ain't me
but I could really understand the reason she's doing so..

We had the free beverages of VICO and VONO mushroom soup^^
since the VICO promotion car and VONO sales person came to our open days..
I drank many cups...
On the second day,
I made a bargain with the VICO sale person which I would buy the 1.4KG VICO powder
but he had to fill up my 1000 ml bottle with VICO^^
I wasn't greedy but this is what we called as negotiation lorz...
I let Kai Xin and Joey drink some
*see how Good a housemate I am^^*

Initially, it was full..

Besides, I also bought 5 boxes of Vono mushroom soup..
which each box contains 3 packages mushroom soup powder..

Then I got 4 free samples, one wood spoon and one free pepper powder ^^

When I was guiding the visitors for campus tour,
I felt happy to see their reactions
toward the environment of our campus.
The most happy thing is
I was being praised by quiet a lot of visitors..^^
U know what they said about me?
Some said I have chosen a suitable degree course..
A parent said that I have been explaining the details
on the campus tour very clearly,so he was very understand^^
There was a parent asked me that where I'm come from..
When I answered him that I'm come from Negeri Sembilan..
He asked again,"Is it Bahau..?"
I was shocked because not much people know where Bahau is..
Then he and his friends said
there are many competent people and talents are come from Bahau..
such as Blar Blar Blar..
Frankly,I don't know the names of the person he mentioned about.
He knows many friends come from Bahau as well
and he said the way I talk a bit alike with his friend.
So I told them then I will be the next successful person as well
Then they were saying that they were actually giving me motivation
*felt like almost flied to the sky at that moment*
When I told my housemates about this,
they were just saying
those visitors ain't praised me
but using another way to critic me
too rattle on explaining...
I know my housemates were actually
just the way
too JEALOUS on me..LORZ..

There were many visitors made me impressed..
Some visitors had already submit the registration forms
and decided to study in Utar.

Some visitors just wanted to pay a visit to Utar
and they are working people already..
Some visitors are still thinking Utar as one of their choices..
The purposes they came for the Open Days
just for collecting more information and visiting around the campus..
They also like to ask How would I spend my free time here..
I told them I'll go to play badminton with my friends (just some times lar),
learning guitar ( Actually, I'm just a infant beginner who just had learned for twice..there are more times to learn in the future..blez..)
Yeah~ my classmate phebe is even learning Latin dance and yoga in kampar..

I think I enjoyed myself much as being a helper for
Utar Open Days.
Even though, I used to criticize Utar on some criterias
but I only talked about good things during the campus tours..
I would defend for Utar when some visitors criticized about Utar on some issues
such as payment for parking lots, payment for bus tickets..blar blar..
Maybe I started to have ethnocentrism toward my Uni?
Few days ago, I saw my friend's facebook status 
"常在论坛看到很多人骂utar很够力,什么CRM烂,HRM差,什么M烂什么M差的,把从utar学来的统统shoot回utar,把utar说成全宇宙最烂的大学,但结果每个学期还是乖乖交学费,每个intake还是一样那么多人…… 回头想想,到底是utar的问题,还是我们自己不争气??"

In the conclusion,
I think I started enjoying my Kampar life
as I have many friends here
especially my Housemates
who are taking care of me
cheer up my dull life
and become the highlighted parts of my Kampar study life
* Enjoying my holidays
love the weather of December*

Monday, December 21, 2009

Love Matches?

Recently, many friends have done the love matches test in facebook..
Joey was so kepo to help me try my test..
Guess what's the result?

My 1st love match is Wuu Cheng,my classmate
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the result...

It ain't because of this was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life
but Wuu Cheng and I just normal classmate lar..
and most of us know who he likes...
So I took this Love matches test as not so accurate..

I wanna show off that I'm so important for my foundation classmates
my name appeared
3 of my ex-classmates' love matches test result
ranked from 1st to 3rd.

It was even more ridiculous
because Mr. Liaw is my roommate's bf..
the 1st (me) and 2nd (Kai Xin) are the housemates of his gf(my roommate)
so I guess the reason KAi Xin and I appeared here may
due to the interaction between us and Mr.Liaw commented on
some status or pictures of our common friends..
the 3rd is his real love match~Pooi Ling^^
Frankly, Mr.Liaw is really the Ji Mui for me and my housemates indeed..
We almost do not treat him like a guy..
Most of the time,
He will join us
when we are talking about the girlish things as well..
Since we are quiet close,
so I would inform him politely
every time before I wanted to break wind..
“Would you mind if I break wind?(放屁)”I asked.
then he would answer me CANNOT!!
so I would beg him to allow me to do so..
and all of us were laughing crazily at that moment..
Besides, he's also the slave in our house..
Whenever Joey or Kai Xin need help,they will shout out his name loudly..
Then Mr. Liaw would be show up immediately.
Actually, I used to dislike him
because I was so angry that he almost dispossess
most of the time of my roommate(when they haven't gotten together)..
It just made me feel like my roommate and I couldn't spend time together
and our relationship wasn't so close.
my perception and prejudice toward him changed
after Days by days
all of us make fun together..
For making me not to dislike u again,
please treat me very good ya~
If not,hiak hiak~

Well, I was being ranked as 2nd in Yehan(遗憾)love matches^^
I was quiet happy for it..
because Yehan is my HUSBAND (Of course it's just a nick name for fun)
How and When did this name come from?
It happened on my 19th birthday celebration in PJ K box.
(the details I already forget since I'm OLD already =.=)
When he sang, everyone was shocked as he can really sing well..
but he's too bad for lying us that he couldn't sing well and
didn't know how to play violin..
just hate this type of so HUMBLE people!!
Besides Mr.Liaw,
Yehan is the other guy that let me feel like very comfortable..
Joey and I love to bully him for don't-know-what-reason..
especially ME^^
Wherever and whenever I meet him,
I can ask him to sing for me
and I have the right to choose the title of song as well.
So he's my mobile radio..
During the valentine 2009,
he accompanied me &Joey went through the so LONELY day
and He bought the rose for those single ladies in n0.1514
Sui Fong, Joey and me..
sound generous,right?
But hor..yehan, just now Kai Xin and Joey complaint that u are too kedekut..
not kedekut in money but kedekut in replying other's sms..
so u should have self-examination..hehe

*p/s:Yehan, pls buy me a rose for valentine2010 as well*


In Yehan and Desmond's results,
the 1st is the same person~Carmen Wilson..
but u know what?
Carmen Wilson are already a couple..
so this test just..hiak hiak..
not accurate lor..
should be letting others have the chance mah..
Joey is the 2nd and I'm the 3rd..
As I'm a dog named as JEREMY for Miss Joey
( Jeremy is a nick name of mine and she said I look like a 西施狗=.=..
we love to make fun on nick names^^)
so I would like to make a concession..
not joining the complicated triangle love relationship..LORZ
But hor..I'm damn damn happy that
desmond's friend commented that the 3rd choice(me) is better~
yo hoo~~ Yuppy^^ 

Okay~it's just a very random and boring post here..
I just wanna show off that I have too much time to crap here
since I'm in the holiday^^

Besides, I want to say that
those tests ain't so accurate and they are just created for fun~

so you shouldn't take it too serious..
for those tests like when will u find your true love?
who will be your true love?
it's just bullshit BULLSHIT WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Nobody can control our future and happiness~
the Happiness is in our hand!!
We just need to find it out by ourselves^^
finish crapping~


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Walau A!!
I'm so lighthearted that the final exam is over.. 
Finally, it's holiday now!!!
I have been look forward to my holiday
long time ago...

There were so many holiday plans went through my mind
when I was studying for my last subject and
the only important subject for this semester.
So..I just couldn't focus on the books well...wuwu =.=
Even though the study week was so long
for me to study only one subject,
I also couldn't study it well..
should have blamed on my self ...

Never mind.
I should let bygones be bygones...

It's my holidays now..
so I should plan for something
1.going to Malacca with my TA9 friends on 28&29Dec
2. Going to Kl find my beloved ex-roommate Ka Siew ( date is undecided yet)
3. Watch a lot of dramas...( I have bought a 500Gb external hardisk^^)
4. Plan to have my room in hostel& house cleaned and have my things tidied
5 .Reading ton of comic books^^my favorite!!
6.Reading novels

My housemates Joey& Kai Xin and Sui Fong
still have their exams on saturday and next Monday respectively..
same for my beloved ex-rm ka siew..
So pity...
I enjoy my holiday 1st^^
oklar~ I want to watch drama now..
Meteor Garden

in Taiwan edition
now watching again the MANY-YEAR-AGO drama,
I just feel like their clothes were outdated...
hairstyles were so ugly...haha
But who knows I used to admire F4 crazily that time..

Why would I watch so outdated drama?
It's because...

When I just bought my external hardisk,
my brother was so kind to put a lot of games,dramas and movies
into my external the drama is come from here..
There's just left over 166Gb
when I opened my external hardisk for the 1st time..

My brother is always worried
about that I'll be boring all the time ,
so he's always give me many games
both my mobile phones
and laptop...

Actually, there are still a lot but I didn't capture it down..

My favourite Game ~Mirror Game
There are many rounds but I just could beat until the last 2 stages..

  It's much more difficult than the previous round since it requires to search the differences among the 2 pictures with opposite position...


*wish that my maternal grandmother will get well soon...

Happy Holiday!!

Monday, December 7, 2009



Went to Ipoh Momo enjoyed steamboat as our dinner with
Ah Ben, Chris, Wuu Cheng, Ally, Karen and Hui Yee
Initially we planned to eat steamboat in Orange(If not mistaken),Kampar.
However,there was some slight drizzle when we reached there.
Heard that Orange just provides the seat outside which means that we might be enjoying steamboat in an uncomfortable situation.
So we changed idea by ended up going to Ipoh
even though  it was raining cats and dogs afterward.

It has been one year for most of us didn't enjoy steamboat here..
One year ain't a long period yet a short period..
but just sounds a bit far away for me..
Recalling that the last time we went there
was along with our classmates..
ya..almost whole class..
the still UNITY T5

As we know that enjoying  steamboat is just the same story for almost everyone,

so I just upload some photos here and leave out the grandmother's story..

so many Mushrooms..

Karen's exaggerated face expression ..hehe

The second day..headed back to my hometown..
and I'm still in my hometown now for study week sake.
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